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Engineered Rubber Products

Engineered Rubber Products

Simple to complex; designed for the most demanding applications

engineered rubber products

Our customers know that we provide services under one roof that complete their projects economically and efficiently. We want to work with you at any stage of product development to help implement your ideas and address all your goals. This ensures your project is made to the highest quality at the lowest cost with the shortest turnaround possible.


Designed for demanding applications – whether they have to seal, stop, absorb, enclose, protect, or contain – the engineered rubber products we make are as diverse as our customers’ needs.

  • Engineered rubber products like seals, grommets, rubber gaskets and weather stripping for the automobile industry. Window gaskets and door edge closure strips as well as rail track pads. “No flame drip…low smoke” emission parts from our new compound which meets DOT “Urban Mass Transportation Administration” safety specifications.
  • Vibration and sound-dampening molded rubber parts for appliance, automotive, marine, mass transit and medical applications.
  • Load bearing and protective components and finished goods for boat trailers, automotive after market installations, and heavy industrial uses.
  • Extruded dunnage bars which protect large body components during shipment from stamping plant to assembly line.
  • A wide variety of components used in the construction industry.

rubber compounding

Whether it’s conventional molding, injection molding or extruding, we perform virtually all required operations in house. Having full in-plant capability results in two important benefits. One, it gives our customers a single source for every task and service associated with the production of engineered rubber products. That translates to value and economy. And second, it allows us to monitor and control every aspect of the manufacturing process. That translates to consistent, superior product performance, regardless of the products configuration, application or volume of production. We have everything it takes -under one roof- to do the job.