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Rubber Products for Mass Transit

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Engineered Rubber Products for Mass Transit
MTPI proudly serves the mass transit market with multi cross-sectional spliced gaskets, rail pads, sensitized door edges, window gaskets, destination sign gasket, headlamp/tail lamp gasket, rubber bellows, door and window seals and more…

MTPI and our partners have a unique ability to meet mass transit’s most demanding requirements for rubber products; rubber products such as window gaskets, door closure strips, rail pads, and other engineered products.

Whether it’s meeting a rigid smoke, flame and toxicity specification or meeting the diverse needs of the mass transit after market, we have solutions. Full in-plant capability, means our customers have a single source for every step in the production of engineered rubber products. It also means better quality control and more efficient production. We could tell you much more, but we would rather show you. If you have an application for engineered rubber products, call us. We’ll show you how fast we can get on track to meeting your needs.

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Smoke Density and Flame Spread Requirements

Multi-Tech Products can meet Smoke Optical Density and Flame Spread Requirements.

Multi-Tech Products and the Environment

Multi-Tech Products and our partners are committed to safeguarding our environment and our community and proud to be ISO:14001 certified.